809, 2022

How to Tempo in Cardfight!! Vanguard

By |September 8, 2022|

Notice: this article will talk about tempo in Vanguard in a general sense. There are some concepts that play a large role in one format but not in another format. If you want tempo in a particular format: let us know below! In order to talk about tempo: we need to define what Tempo is. Tempo is roughly defined as: gaining advantage by either gaining resources -card advantage either on board or in hand- or by denying resources for your opponent -removing a card on your opponent's board or hand.*1 Do note that the examples I will bring up will [...]

509, 2022

Letters from the Editors Desk: A Tale of Three Players; Timmy, Johnny, Spike: Who Are They?

By |September 5, 2022|

Editors note: Sometimes anonymous articles get sent to us via email at, and they tend make it to the site after a few revisions. However with anonymous articles its a little harder to communicate editorial changes. We have made a few edits to this article for clarity and grammatical sake, but we are presenting the submitted article it in it's entirety. We all play Vanguard for different reasons, and show our love for the game in different ways. After many years of people enjoying trading card games, the different ways of enjoying a card game have been [...]

403, 2022

Upcoming D-Standard Sets Delayed!!!

By |March 4, 2022|

Upcoming D-Standard sets delayed! Announced through the official Bushiroad Twitter Thursday, the upcoming Lyrical Booster- 02 "Lyrical Monasterio" (originally set for April 1st), and Title Booster-02 "Record of Ragnarok" (originally set for April 22nd) were to be delayed and released now on May 13th(LM) and July 15th (RoR). With still no reveals of the first global release title booster set Record of Ragnarok, anticipation for the set feels mixed. However, the anticipated second wave of support for Lyrical Monasterio seeing a May release gives Cardfighters a big kick-off of new releases for the Summer!

403, 2022

Product delays bring new regulations to BSF2022 and possible future tournaments

By |March 4, 2022|

Due to global shipping woes, Bushiroad announced early Friday morning new set regulation updates for the upcoming tournament series Bushiroad Spring Fest 2002. Cards from new expansions can only be used 2 weeks after the official release date for BSF2022 Regional championships. We have included the sets and dates below but for more detailed information check the regulation page on the Official BSF2022 page. The following product can only be use after 27 May for BSF 2022-(VGE) CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD overDress Lyrical Booster Pack 02: Lyrical Monasterio ~It’s a New School Term!~The following product can only be use after 22 April [...]

2502, 2022

Cardfight!! Vanguard Special Series 02: Festival Collection 2022 Gets Global Release Date!

By |February 25, 2022|

The still mysterious Festival Collection 2022 set has been announced for global release. With no spoilers of this set, fighters are left to wonder if we will see more G4 units or cards that will impact the current meta of D-Standard. The theme of this year's Festival Collection is "Blackout & Daybreak!". Featuring cards used by each of the team, with all of the cards in this set to be of RR foiling or above.The previous set while it wasn't super impactful on the meta, it allowed whales to foil out their favorite deck with reprints, this Festival Collection will [...]

2502, 2022

Cardfight!! Vanguard P-Special Series 01: P Clan Collection 2022 Gets a Release Date for Global

By |February 25, 2022|

The first highly anticipated Premium format booster has its official release date announced! Containing new cards for all 24 clans, and reprints of critical triggers with abilities. This special set will be different from others as each pack will include 4 different cards from the same clan. This set will also introduce brand new G Units and G Guardians!With its release during the tail end of BSF2022, we expect many fighters to compete with the newest booster if they can manage to get their hands on it in time. Source

2502, 2022

BSF2022 North American & Europe Events Get a Much Desired Update!

By |February 25, 2022|

To much of the dismay of the competitive Premium Players, Bushiroad initially scheduled the format most popular with veteran players Premium format on the same day as D-Standard. This created quite the discourse through the online CFV sphere. Dividing seasoned player and teams on which format they would choose to complete in; and left many questioning why would the event staff choose to hold both popular formats on the same day within the North American regions and Europe.Today, an update to the event displayed that the fighters voices had been heard, with some events now hosting the two tournaments on [...]

2102, 2022

CaRa – Revengers RFD/Mordred

By |February 21, 2022|

Deck Code: LDTU Clan: Shadow Paladin Deck Description: Briefly, this build uses mostly Revengers aside from triggers and blaster dark, giving you more targets for Tartu’s and Ragin’s Skill, also raising the amount of masquerades allows you to fetch your Blaster Darks from drop more easily in the late game after finishing your barrage of attacks with raging and can only rely on Mordred after that, this build is a bit risky since you most of the time want to be on 5 damage to be able to consistently get your 7 attacks with raging, after that amount of pressure, [...]

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