V Clan Collection Vol. 5 & 6 Rulings Q&A

Written by Kyrus

Releasing very shortly, here’s a few of the questions and answers from the JP site.

Author’s Note: Several of these questions boil down to just “do as much as possible” on abilities, so a lot of them can be skipped.

Broken Heart Jewel Knight, Ashlei “Яeverse”

Example of such a question is Q7849 on Ashlei “Яeverse”, which asks if you are still able to use her ACT ability if the opponent has no front row rear-guards to retire. The answer is yes, you just resolve the rest of the ability.

So for brevity, I will leave out those questions, and put a note briefly summarizing the skipped question.

Other questions are fairly simple things, and I will also briefly summarize those questions. But in general, for the questions that really matter, the question number will be bolded in a header.

With that, Author’s Note end. On to the questions.


Banding Jewel Knight, Miranda

Q7850 and Q7851 just basically elaborate on the activation condition, the former being for when it is on RC and the latter being for when it is on VC.

Q7852 & Q7853

  • Q: There is 1 face up card in the damage zone, and a unit with an AUTO ability with the trigger condition of “When placed” is placed on the circle this unit is on, with that AUTO ability having a cost to Counter Blast (1). After that, if this card’s second automatic ability is resolved, does the effect of “if you have no face up cards in your damage zone, Counter Charge (1)” activate?
  • A: Yes, it does, as by the time you resolve this card’s ability, there will be no face up cards in your damage zone at the time of resolution, so you Counter Charge (1).

Q7853 follows the same format, however, for that question, there are no face up cards in your damage zone, and asks whether you can activate the “When placed” ability after resolving Miranda and Counter Charging. Basically, based on the situation, you may resolve the abilities in the following order to achieve the best result (of resolving the “When placed” ability with the Counter Blast (1) cost, and the Miranda effect to Counter Charge (1):

  • Start: 0 face up damage
    • Miranda, CC1
    • On place, CB1
  • Start: 1 face up damage
    • On place, CB1
    • Miranda, CC1

Q7854 and Q7855 both ask situations where Force 1 is placed on either Miranda’s circle (former) or the vanguard circle (latter).

  • In the former situation, Miranda is at 20000 with the vanguard at 13000, and therefore, Miranda will get a “-7000 until end of turn” effect applied.
  • In the latter situation, Miranda is at 10000 with the vanguard at 23000, and therefore, Miranda will get a “+13000 until end of turn” effect applied.
Security Jewel Knight, Alwain

Q7856 and Q7857 are the same as Q7850 and Q7851 for Miranda.

Q7858 says you can still Soul Charge (1) even without a “Jewel Knight” vanguard to give +5000 to.

Battle Sister, Cocoa
Battle Sister, Chouquette


  • Q: What order must the AUTO abilities of Battle Sister, Cocoa with the trigger condition “When this unit is rode upon” and Battle Sister, Chouquette with the trigger condition of “When placed” be resolved in?
  • A: They may be resolved in any order. However, if you Soul Blast Battle Sister, Cocoa for the cost of Battle Sister, Chouquette, the effect of “you may call this card to (RC)” will not be resolved.

Another golden rule of Vanguard, if you activate two AUTO abilities at the same time, you may resolve them in any order.

The main point to take note of is the second sentence of the answer, Cocoa calls itself from the soul, but if Soul Blasted out before you call her, then you cannot call her.

Regalia of Blessed Love, Freyg

Q7860 is simple, you can discard 3 divine gauge from one rear-guard, and 2 from another. Any combination works.

Q7861 says you can choose no rear-guards with her ACT, and you can put no cards from soul as a divine gauge.

Q7862 says the CONT ability is active on both turns.


  • Q: What kind of effect is “cannot leave (RC) by your opponent’s card effects”?
  • A: Opponent card effects on your rear-guards that retire, bind, move to a circle other than (RC), or put in a zone other than (RC) are not resolved, and the rear-guard stays on (RC).
    • Effects that are unrelated to moving from (RC), such as an increase or decrease in Power, an effect to Stand or Rest, Locking, etc. will be resolved as usual.

Self explanatory question. Everything that Freyg blocks is listed. A non-exhaustive list of effects that Freyg doesn’t block is also listed, there are more effects of course, but keep note that Freyg does not block Lock effects.

Regalia of Avowal, Luriljissa

Q7864 is the same as Q7861 for Freyg.

Ordain Owl

Q7865 is a repeat of Q7859 on Battle Sister, Cocoa. If Soul Blasted by the “When placed” ability of a card that rode on this card, you cannot call this card.

Dragonic Overlord “The Яe-birth”

Q7866 says it doesn’t lose drives when it restands. Fairly simple.

Q7867 says you cannot obtain Force 2 with its last AUTO if you already obtained Force 1 when riding it.

Q7868 gives a specific scenario, where you can attack in the following order, and it is valid as long as all conditions on the AUTO abilities in question are met.

  • Dragonic Overlord “The Яe-birth” that rode on Dauntless Drive Dragon.
  • After 1st battle, use only this card’s first AUTO to restand.
  • After 2nd battle, use only this card’s third AUTO to restand.
  • After 3rd battle, use the AUTO ability gained from Dauntless Drive Dragon.

Q7869 says that you are allowed to not use this card’s third AUTO and only use the first AUTO at the end of the first battle. Basically, another golden rule of Vanguard: If it is a 1/Turn ability, you can choose not to play it when its activation condition is met.

Embodiment of Victory, Aleph

Q7870 is the same as Q7855 on Miranda. If a Force marker is on your vanguard circle making Aleph 23000, and your Power 10000 “Embodiment” rear-guard attacks, that rear-guard will get +13000.

Q7871 says you can get a Force Gift from riding this card from its first ACT ability.

Dragon Monk, Goku

Q7872 says you can perform the Grade 3 effect even if there is only 1 opponent rear-guard, and that rear-guard will be retired.

Q7873 says you must activate the effects in the order of Grade 3 → Grade 2 → Grade 1. In the order as printed.

Shikigami Master, Ryougi


  • Q: A “Stealth Fiend” rear-guard gets the card name of this card due to this card’s first AUTO ability. Will that rear-guard lose its original name, and be named only “Shikigami Master, Ryougi“?
  • A: No, it has both card names; its own, and “Shikigami Master, Ryougi“.
Stealth Fiend, Fuukun

Q7875 says that its +5000 effect on its second AUTO does not apply to rear-guards placed after the AUTO ability finishes resolving.

Eradicator, Vowing Saber Dragon “Яeverse”


  • Q: A total of 3 normal units were bound with the effect of this card’s ACT ability. Does this card’s AUTO ability with the trigger condition “When your opponent’s normal unit is bound other than from their deck during your turn” activate for each bound card?
  • A: Yes, it activates once for each bound normal unit. Therefore you activate it 3 times total.

Just a gentle reminder that each activation references its own bound normal units. So it’s best to finish resolving each AUTO ability activation completely before moving onto the next.

Q7877 says you can still use this ability even though your opponent has no rear-guards. As usual, resolve as much as possible.

Eradicator, Sweep Command Dragon

Q7878 says you can still pay the cost on this card’s second AUTO ability after “if you have four or more cards in your damage zone” even if you do not bind an opponent’s front row rear-guard with the first part of the ability.


  • Q: If I get Accel 2 with this card’s ability, when do I draw a card due to Accel 2?
  • A: When Accel 2 is obtained, it is resolved by interrupting the ability of this card. After you draw, you resolve the remaining effects “choose a card with “Eradicator” in its card name from your drop, and call it to (RC)”.

If you played Percival recently, you’ll probably want to know this. You draw a card before searching your deck for Aglovale.

This ruling will come back later in D-VS06, where I will elaborate much more on.

Q7880 says you can, with this card’s second AUTO ability, bind the rear-guard that was moved to the front row by the effect of this card’s first AUTO ability.

Armor Break Dragon

Q7881 says that even if a new card is put on your opponent’s open front row (RC) after using its ability, it still maintains its Power and Critical increases that it got from that open RC.

Dark Dimensional Robo, “Яeverse” Daiyusha

Q7882 is an obvious one, but the condition of “if all units that attacked this turn” do not count the boosters.

Enigman Storm

Q7883 says its “increase or decrease this unit’s drive to zero” applies at that moment. After the ability finishes resolving, it can be freely increased or decreased.

Q7884 says that, as the trigger condition of this card’s AUTO ability is “At the beginning of your attack step”, it will not include Power increase from a booster. Boosters are declared later in the attack step, and will not come into effect when calculating Power by this ability.

Juggernaut Maximum Maximum

Q7885 is again, fairly simple. If you did not Stand MaxMax, then you do not have to put all of your rear-guards on the bottom of your deck.


  • Q: To fulfill the condition of “if four or more of your rear-guards were placed this turn”, do the rear-guards have to stay on the (RC)?
  • A: No, they do not have to be. The condition only checks that four or more rear-guards were placed this turn, so it does not matter that those rear-guards were returned to the deck at some point.

Somewhat important point. If the rear-guards placed to fulfill the condition leave the field at some point, they will still contribute to the counter of how many rear-guards were placed this turn.

***Author Note: Of note, this card has an error in its print. The second AUTO should say “if four or more of your rear-guards were placed this turn”, not just units. If you see this Author Note, and an errata has been subsequently issued by Bushiroad, please contact me at @KyrusDarkblade on Twitter to remove this note.

Q7887 says this card’s CONT ability that it gained from its first AUTO ability applies to guardians as well, which are still units.

Sword Magician, Sarah


  • Q: Even if the first drive check reveals a grade 3, does this card’s AUTO ability activate after the second drive check?
  • A: Yes. As the trigger condition is “At the end of battle”, the ability is activated after adding the card from the second drive check to hand, checking to see if the attack hits, and performing a damage check if the attack hit a vanguard. Then, the ability activates.
Pop Out Chimera


  • Q: Can you add this card to your hand when you G Assist for Grade 2?
  • A: No, you do not. Pop Out Chimera is a Grade 3 in deck, so you cannot add it.

Be aware of this, because this applies to any effects that change grades while in the deck.

Duo Temptation, Reit

Q7890 is the same as Q7867 for Dragonic Overlord “The Яe-birth”. If you already got Force 1, you cannot gain Force 2 with this ability.

Q7891 is another case of do as much as possible. If there is no card you can call from your bind zone, you can still use the rest of the ability, to Stand Reit, and if your opponent’s vanguard is grade 3 or greater, get a Force Gift.

Evil Armor Sovereign, Inverse Giraffa “Яeverse”


  • Q: Can the call of a unit by the effect of this card’s first AUTO ability trigger the AUTO ability of an opponent’s unit that was already on RC with the trigger condition of “When your other unit is placed”?
  • A: No, it does not. While the effect of this card’s AUTO ability is being resolved, your opponent’s card’s AUTO abilities do not activate. This is not restricted to just the called units.


  • Q: By the effect of this card’s first AUTO ability, a new unit was placed on the same (RC) as a unit with an AUTO ability with the trigger condition “When retired from (RC)”. That unit is retired, but does its AUTO ability activate?
  • A: Yes, it does. “Your opponent’s cards’ AUTO abilities do not activate from this call” only applies while the call is being performed. It is no longer valid by the time the unit originally on the circle is retired. Therefore, the AUTO ability of the retired unit with the trigger condition “When retired from (RC)” will activate after the call is performed.

Two situations that involve the AUTO blocking effect of Giraffa. The elaboration for the second one is that the retire that occurs due to overcalling is done by a Rule Action, and not by the call itself.

Q7894 says the second AUTO can trigger a number of times equal to the number of rear-guards called at the same time by the first AUTO, like if 3 rear-guards were called by the effect of the first AUTO, the second AUTO triggers 3 times.

***Author Note: Another note, this card has an error in its print. The second AUTO should say “When your opponent’s rear-guards are placed during your turn”, not just units. Once again I ask, if you see this Author Note, and an errata has been subsequently issued by Bushiroad, please contact me at @KyrusDarkblade on Twitter to remove this note.

Q7895 is also fairly obvious, the drive is not reduced, even if you restand, unless explicitly stated that drives are lost.

Q7896 is another obvious one, just because Giraffa Stands before the battle ended, the battle still continues. Standing an attacking unit does not interrupt the battle.

Megacolony Battler S


  • Q: I played the ACT ability of this card in the drop zone, calling it out. If by some effect the called card is put into the drop zone again, can I still use its ability?
  • A: Yes, you can. The Megacolony Battler S newly put into the drop zone is treated as a separate card from the one that first had its ACT ability activated. Since the [1/Turn] restriction does not apply to the ACT ability of that new Megacolony Battler S, you can play it again.

A clarification: The reason why there is a 1/Turn restriction on it is because the call can fail, i.e. when you have no open (RC). So in theory without the 1/Turn restriction, you can keep discarding cards to Soul Charge 1 repeatedly.

Q7898 clarifies that it is your opponent who draws a card from the first AUTO ability.

***Author Note: Once again, errata required, opponent should draw after calling a card.

Q7899 says that you can still Stand the called card outside of the Stand Phase; the restriction only applies during the Stand Phase.


Circular Saw, Kiriel

Q7900 and Q7901 are clarifications on how many “things” happen with a RC with 1 protect markers, and a second RC with 2 protect markers.

  • The CONT will count number of protect markers, so it counts 3 (and gives +15000)
  • The second AUTO will count number of RC with protect markers, so it counts 2 (and calls 2 from damage zone)

Q7902 is the same as Q7867 and Q7890: You cannot get Protect 1 with the first AUTO after you get Protect 2 when riding Kiriel.

Ammunition Angel


  • Q: I put my opponent’s “Plant Token” or “Evil Decoy Token” into the damage zone by the effect of “choose one of your rear-guards, and you may put it to their damage zone face up”. In that case, is the condition of “If you put” still satisfied?
  • A: Yes, it is. The Token pseudo-cards are erased from the damage zone immediately when put there. In addition, for the effect of “your opponent chooses a card from their damage zone, and heals it”, they may choose a card other than the erased Token pseudo-card and heal it.

So… don’t shoot Tokens with this effect. This ruling is the same as Aid-roid, Zayin, and Freezing Granter.

Q7904 reminds us to wait for abilities to completely resolve before resolving the defeat conditions.

Revenger, Dragruler Phantom

Q7905 says that Dragruler’s second AUTO will retire all unchosen units, including unchosen “Revenger” units or “Blaster Dark” in the back row.

Origin Mage, Ildona

Q7906,Q7907, and Q7908 are all about the same thing. Basically you cannot add Ildona to your hand by the following effects:

  • Q7906: The top 10 deck search for a Grade 2 or greater of another copy of “Origin Mage, Ildona”
  • Q7907: The top 5 deck search for a Grade 3 of “Cherishing Knight, Branwen”
  • Q7908: G Assist for Grade 3
Spectral Dupe Dragon “Яeverse”

Q7909 clarifies that “until end of turn, this unit’s AUTO abilities do not activate” only applies to itself, you can still use the effect of a second Spectral Dupe in hand after superior riding a first one.

Liberator, Holy Shine Dragon


  • Q: I rode this card and got an Accel 2. With the effect of “search your deck for up to one grade 3 card with “Liberator” in its card name and a different card name from this card, ride it as [Stand]”, I ride a unit with an Imaginary Gift: Accel icon. Do I perform Accel 2 resolution first or resolve the rest of the ability first?
  • A: Resolve the rest of the ability first. At the next check timing, the Accel 2 resolution is performed.

Refer back to Q7879 with Sweep Command Dragon. The difference between Sweep Command and Holy Shine Dragon is that the former will obtain the Accel gift directly through its ability, and the latter obtains it by riding another unit. The former case will interrupt the resolution of the ability to perform Imaginary Gift Resolution, and the latter will wait for the next check timing to do so.

Evil Stealth Dragon, Magoroku “Fugen”

Q7911, Q7912 & Q7913

These three questions relate to different scenarios in which the following two criteria are affected:

  • Whether or not an Evil Decoy Token was called
  • Which Protect Gift it is (P1 or P2)

Not including the intended scenario of choosing Protect 2 and if an Evil Decoy Token was called.

Here is how each scenario plays out:

Q7911: Token not called, Protect 2

The Gift Marker is not put.
As an Evil Decoy Token was not called, “that circle” of “put it on that circle” is not referenced, and the effect is not executed.
Therefore, the Protect 2 Gift Marker is not put, and the process ends.

Q7912: Token not called, Protect 1

The Gift Marker remains in your hand.
As an Evil Decoy Token was not called, “that circle” of “put it on that circle” is not referenced, and the effect is not executed.
Therefore, the Protect 2 Gift Marker is not put, and the process ends.

Q7913: Token called, Protect 1

The Gift Marker does not remain in your hand.
The pseudo-card “Protect” is not put on the circle, but it is put from your hand into your drop zone, and subsequently erased.

Q7914 says that if a rear-guard is returned to hand by the cost of your ability, it still triggers the AUTO of this card.

Evil Stealth Dragon, Kageugachi

Q7915 reminds that only Evil Decoy tokens present when activating this card’s ACT ability will get Boost and +5000. It will not be given to Evil Decoy Tokens spawned after the ability resolves.

Eradication Ancient Dragon, Spinodriver “Яeverse”


  • Q: With “Ancient Dragon, Spinodriver” in my soul, I perform the highlighted effect 3 times. Can I draw 3 cards, then call 3 cards from my hand to RC, and choose to put equip gauges on all of them?
  • A: No, you cannot. You must perform the highlighted effect in order, 3 times.
Ancient Dragon, Tyrannolegend
Ancient Dragon, Babyrex

Q7917 on Tyrannolegend and Q7918 on Babyrex are about the same thing, asking whether it is mandatory to activate the last AUTO of both of these cards. The answer is no, it is not mandatory. 1/Turn abilities are always optional to activate.


Strongest Beast Deity, Ethics Buster Extreme

Q7919 reminds us that even if this unit Stands by its own restand effect, its drive will not be reduced as there is no “drive-1” effect in its ability.

Q7920 says that, yes, you can also restand this unit as the Vanguard with its ability.

Q7921 says that with original Ethics Buster in your soul, if 3 Beast Deity units restand, Extreme’s first AUTO activates 3 times accordingly.

War Deity, Asura Kaiser

Q7922 is the same as Q7888 on Sarah. The ability activates at the end of this unit’s battle, not the instant your drive check reveals a grade 2 or greater card.

Q7923 says you can get an Accel Gift when you ride this card by its effect.

Star-vader, “Omega” Glendios


  • Q: Does the effect “during your opponent’s next end phase, your opponent cannot put their cards to face up” apply to cards put face down in zones other than the field (VC and RC)
  • A: Yes.

The reminder text is there, but this mainly applies to Counter Charge during the end phase. Other than that, not many other “flip face up” effects that go off in other zones during the end phase.

Also reminder that Heritage flips face down, so it is unaffected by Glendios.

Q7925 says the above effect also applies to cards locked after the effect resolves.

Demon World Marquis, Amon “Яeverse”
Amon’s Follower, Atrocious Blow

Q7926 on Amon and Q7927 on Atrocious says that if your Soul count changes after the first ACT abilities of these two cards finish resolving, it will not affect the Power increase (and Critical increase of Amon) gained from the ability.

Retroactive Time Maiden, Uluru

Q7928 says that the Heal trigger discarded for the cost of the second AUTO can be put on the bottom of the deck or bound for the cost of the first AUTO.

School Punisher, Leo-pald “Яeverse”
Magic Scientist, Tester Fox


This… will be long, and partially confusing.

  • Q: The ability of “School Punisher, Leo-pald “Яeverse”” is resolved and the effect of “until end of turn, cards discarded from your deck get normal, trigger and order card types” is applied. A certain Normal Unit A was discarded from the deck.
    After this, I activated the ability of “Magic Scientist, Tester Fox“, returning Normal Unit A and another Normal Unit B from my drop to the bottom of my deck as cost. In this case, is the condition of “If one of each normal unit and trigger unit is put for this cost” fulfilled?
  • A: Yes, it is. In this case, B is put as a Normal Unit, and A is put as a Trigger Unit.

This one is a slight doozy to wrap your head around, but it makes sense in the end. Basically, after discarded from deck while under the effect of Leo-pald, cards will still retain their additional types. So you can return that discarded card back to the deck and it can fulfill both the condition of putting a normal unit and a trigger unit for Tester Fox.

School Punisher, Leo-pald “Яeverse”

Q7930 says you can resolve the effects in any order (example given is Order, Normal, then Trigger)

Q7931 is the same as Q7867, Q7890, and Q7902 (I do not like this): You cannot get Accel 1 with its ability if you got Accel 2 when riding Leo-pald.

Q7932 is the same as Q7910, which is about the Imaginary Gift: Accel resolution. You get the additional RC and draw a card before continuing with the other abilities (such as the Normal and Trigger effects).

Q7933 says you can resolve all the effects of the second ACT under the influence of the effects of the first ACT. (why is this a question again?)


  • Q: While under the influence of this card’s first ACT ability, if the effect of the second ACT ability discards an Order card from my deck, can all the effects of the second ACT ability be resolved?
  • A: No, it cannot. Only the “Order” effect can be resolved. While the first ACT ability gives cards discarded from the deck the Normal, Trigger, and Order card types, it does not give the Unit card type.
  • V-EB04/009
Binoculus Tiger
Lovey-dovey Dotter


  • Q: While under the influence of the first ACT ability of “School Punisher, Leo-pald “Яeverse”“, a card is discarded from the deck by the AUTO ability of “Binoculus Tiger“. Can both its effects be resolved?
  • A: No, it cannot. You can only perform one of the effects depending on the card’s type. But you can resolve your choice of effect between either the “Normal Unit” effect or the “Trigger Unit” one.


  • Q: While under the influence of the first ACT ability of “School Punisher, Leo-pald “Яeverse”“, a card is discarded from the deck by the AUTO ability of “Lovey-dovey Dotter“. Can I choose to resolve the “Normal Unit” effect to call that card?
  • A: No, you cannot. The card discarded from the deck has the card type “Order”, and as such cannot be called, and is put into the drop zone instead.

Even though the card is already in the drop zone at that point, it’s just a formality. This is the point about how Orders are unable to be called.

Illusion, Scientist, Researcher Fox
Magic Scientist, Tester Fox


  • Q: I chose a single copy of “Illusion Scientist, Researcher Fox” with the effects of 2 separate copies of “Magic Scientist, Tester Fox“. At the end of my turn, both instances of the “at the end of turn” will resolve, and the chosen “Illusion Scientist, Researcher Fox” is retired. Does the effect of “if you retired “Illusion Scientist, Researcher Fox“, draw a card” resolve twice?
  • A: No, it does not. Each of those automatic triggers of “at the end of turn” are resolved one by one. Each time they are resolved, a sequence of “retire that unit, and if you retired “Illusion Scientist, Researcher Fox“, draw a card” is performed.
    Therefore, in the second resolution, the effect of “retire that unit” is not performed, and the condition of “if you retired “Illusion Scientist, Researcher Fox“” is not fulfilled, so the effect of “draw a card” is only performed once, and on the first resolution.

Q7938 says if you returned a Researcher for this card’s first AUTO ability, you can call out that same copy of Researcher Fox (provided you put a Trigger Unit back as well, or had a situation like Q7929 occur).

Return of Eternity, Grajiorl Dragon

Q7939 is a reminder that the CONT ability is active on both player’s turns. Even if Plant Tokens are called during your opponent’s turns, they will be called as the buffed Plants. Q7940 repeats this specifically for the Plant Token part.

Q7941 is another reminder, that the CONT ability is only active when on VC, and is not active when rode upon by cards like “Maiden of Trailing Rose” etc.

Q7942 says the CONT ability will still apply even if the Plant Token is being called by an ability other than this card’s.

Q7943 says that if a Plant Token is spawned while this card is the vanguard, and is spawned as a buffed Plant, if this card is no longer the vanguard, the Plant remains as a buffed plant.

Q7944 is the inverse of Q7943; if a Plant Token was spawned as a regular Plant, it will not become a buffed Plant when this card is placed on VC.

Eternal Stability, Grajiorl Dragon
Budding Permenance, Grajiorl Dragon

Q7945 on Eternal Stability and Q7946 on Budding Permenance are the same as Q7943 on Return of Eternity; if a Plant Token is spawned while this card is the vanguard, and is spawned as a buffed Plant, if this card is no longer the vanguard, the Plant remains as a buffed plant.

And that is all the Q&A for this set, hopefully just in time for the release of the set in the English format. You may read the above Q&A all at the following two links: D-VS05 and D-VS06.

And with that, that is all.

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