How to Kairi 101

Written by Kokorin

Play style

Kairi with the friend engine is a strong deck in the current overdress format that excels at applying offensive pressure while protecting its key pieces for the late game. Thanks to the release of grade 4 Kairi the deck now has a consistent way to facilitate its multi-attack game plan. The deck draws very well, allowing the player to grind out longer games. Also, Great Bounce Skills helps the deck refresh strong, on-place skills that either progress the player’s card advantage or hit key column numbers to close out games.


+ Consistent 5 attacks once you ride grade 4

+ Grade 4 Kairi has access to triple drive

+ Bounces cards back to hand to protect for later and helps refresh on place skills

+ Can grind out longer games 


– Reliant on seeing grade 4 Kairi

– Struggles to reset columns for the +5k without going neg

– Vanguard hits low numbers without triggers

Deck List

Ride line

G3: Astesice, Kairi

G2: Astesice, Kiyora

G1: Astesice, Nanami

G0: Astesice, Mion

Grade 4’s

4x Astesice x Live, Kairi

Grade 3’s 

2x Astesice, Kairi

3x Bashful Striver, Kinkee

Grade 2’s

4x Hoppin’ Stellar, Melty 

2x Cheshire Smile, Larisa

Grade 1’s

4x perfect guard

4x Conspicuous anxiety, Kaadya 

3x Next Step, Laplume 

2x Beware of Overeating! Eileen

2x Earnest Stare, Ivetta

Grade 0’s

4x Heal triggers

4x Crit Triggers

4x Transparent Snowy Night, Beretoi

3x  Precious Tune, Edwige

1x Lyrical Overtrigger

Here is a video that goes into more detail of the deck for those who have more questions: 1st place Kairi Deck profile || D-LBT02

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