BSF2022 North American & Europe Events Get a Much Desired Update!

Written by KumaTank

To much of the dismay of the competitive Premium Players, Bushiroad initially scheduled the format most popular with veteran players Premium format on the same day as D-Standard. This created quite the discourse through the online CFV sphere. Dividing seasoned player and teams on which format they would choose to complete in; and left many questioning why would the event staff choose to hold both popular formats on the same day within the North American regions and Europe.

Today, an update to the event displayed that the fighters voices had been heard, with some events now hosting the two tournaments on separate days. Along with this, new locations have also been added, giving players more options in where they compete.

The following events have been updated

North America
– California, Ontario (Premium moved to day 2)
– Georgia, Duluth (New location) (Premium moved to day 2)
– Mexico (New location, venue unknown) (Premium moved to day 2)

– Portugal, Lisbon (New Location)
– Germany, Oberhausen (Premium moved to day 2)
– France, Mouvaux (Premium moved to day 2)
– UK, London (Premium moved to day 2)

The site states that more locations are coming soon. Stay tuned as this is a developing story and nothing seems set in stone just yet.


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