CaRa – Revengers RFD/Mordred

Written by KumaTank

Deck Code: LDTU
Clan: Shadow Paladin
Deck Description: Briefly, this build uses mostly Revengers aside from triggers and blaster dark, giving you more targets for Tartu’s and Ragin’s Skill, also raising the amount of masquerades allows you to fetch your Blaster Darks from drop more easily in the late game after finishing your barrage of attacks with raging and can only rely on Mordred after that, this build is a bit risky since you most of the time want to be on 5 damage to be able to consistently get your 7 attacks with raging, after that amount of pressure, you basically finish the game with a Raging to Mordred turn, restanding 2 blaster darks for an amount of 6 powerful attacks, 2 from vanguard and 4 from the rearguards, also the reason you play Mana is for that extra retire in the early game, you want to pressure your opponent to lower its hand as much as possible, then use your multiple attacks to weaken its defense and deal the finishing blow after that, the only downside is getting your grade 3 consistently, but it works fine overall.
Submitted by: CaRa

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