Proof’s Edited End Deck

Written by KumaTank

Deck Code: FWXS
Deck Name: Proof’s Edited End Deck
Clan: Spike Brothers

Deck Description: This is Living Proof’s double ride on Good End’s deck that I tweaked a bit & played in casual. Good stuff if you’re looking to take a break from HH8 in Spikes. Pretty easy to pilot since all you do is tank damage, “reload” stuff with Analyzer / Instructor after the double ride while passing on markers. Boosting each rears attack by +30k & 1 crit if you go Rising + Bullspike, so unless your opponent is double healing you or checking OTs, you should be fine. Don’t tell people you’re LB4in them though because they’ll damage deny you. Even with Eliza the LB4 enabler, it’s better to have more CBs available since sometimes you’re taking both Spike Bouncer’s call & draw, so that’s 2 CB to keep to punches going.

Submitted by: Tony Waldo

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